Production Process

Here at Artemis Studio, we are well known for our precise mould making process. First, our brilliant artisans craft and carve a detailed design out of clay, or we use a rare sample piece provided by the client. We can achieve the finest detail by using clay to mould into the perfect creation or patch up your existing sample. We then produce a mould from the design – creating a standard base to accurately replicate the model.

For our high-density polyurethane products, our moulds are spray painted with one coat of primer paint and filled with liquid polyurethane foam. At this stage, the mould is quickly sealed as the liquid polyurethane starts to expand and solidify inside – forming into high-density foam. Once the product is extracted from the mould, it is inspected and patched for quality control. One last coat of primer paint will finish the product preparing it for delivery to our clients or pick up at our shop.