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Baluster System



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Baluster 32"
Post 28" & 32"
Baluster 32"
Baluster 28"
Baluster 32"
Baluster 36"
Post Ball Pine Apple

Railing Balusters

Artemis Studio railing balusters can be used for the handrail of stairwells or can be placed at the edge of balconies or patios. These decorative pieces can be used in the reconstruction of antique structures with the application of various finishing products or for completely new projects as we have completed many times in the past. Finishing touches include a smooth finish, stone look, or painted and shined by an artisan to look like marble. Go through some our pictures in our gallery page to get ideas for your railing baluster project. Artemis Studio has the unique ability to manufacture the balusters for a range of applications, in different sizes and shapes. The railing balusters can be designed to meet the client’s requests, including custom designs for spiral stairwells or curved balconies. The balusters are exclusively designed by skilled craftsmen, such that high-precision and detail can be accomplished. Artemis Studio railing balusters are extremely durable, especially in today’s extreme weather patterns and the changing forecasts, making them perfect for exterior projects. It’s very rare to find baluster railing systems made up of high density polyurethane foam – if there is even any such product out there in the market. It is Artemis Studio ability to produce such a unique product with the most durable material. These baluster railing designs look highly exquisite and are incomparable to wood products that don’t last in the outdoors the way polyurethane does. The railing balusters come in different shapes and sizes to fit a wide range of projects and the customer’s needs. Due to the light weight of the baluster railing system, these products are superior for installation and save on time and labour work costs. Browse through our products below and visit our showroom to look for yourself! 

Artemis Studio moulding products are uniquely designed with intricate detail and a wide selection to fit all project types. Whether using high density polyurethane foam for exterior use or plaster for interior use, the great selection of products you see below can be suited to fit your needs. That’s why working with Artemis Studio will get you the best results on your project – combining the most superb material on the market, extensive experience and expertise, as well as a wide range of selection. These various types of moulding products will surely make a world of a difference in completing your design and adding value to your project like no other item can. Mouldings can make a space look so elegant and transform it by adding a refreshing touch. Mouldings are a must in a renovation project. Specifically, Artemis Studio moulding selection can be suited to meet all types of project’s needs and also painted and finished to match the surrounding surfaces. Get creative with your projects and add two or more types of moulding products to add charm to your space. The strength of our products is remarkable. Our moulding selection should not rot nor shrink or expand, nor will they warp. The no to low-maintenance quality of these products saves our customers time and money – both very critical during a project.