Frequently Asked Questions

Our products can be purchased through our online store or you can come visit us at one of our two locations located in the Greater Toronto Area.

Yes we have two showrooms where our customers can view our products.

GTA Head Office – 241 Edgeley Blvd. Unit 9, Concord, Ontario

Improve Mall - 7250 Keele Street, Unit 66, Vaughan, Ontario

Yes, we ship our products to the United States.

We ship our products all across the world through our network of distributors.

Throughout the years we have been employed by home-owners, architects and interior designers on a wide range of residential projects. From renovations to restorations to custom designs and new built projects, Artemis Studio has successfully completed work on some of the most impressive and picturesque homes and mansions in Toronto. Please browse through our gallery page to view some of our projects.

6. How do I become an Artemis Distributor?

If you would like to become an Artemis distributor, please call us at 905-760-7628 for further details.

Yes, our products carry 12 months warranty.

All of our products are manufactured in Toronto, Canada at our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.

We typically have most of our decorative items on our website and catalogue in stock. Large or custom orders typically require more lead time to manufacture. Since we have our own manufacturing facility we have the ability to provide products within a short time period. We recommend that you call or visit our showroom to verify availability and/or discuss timing based on your needs. We are vertically integrated and are committed to meeting your project deadlines.

High Density Polyurethane Foam (HDPF), is a mixture of isocyanate and resin placed under firm pressure as it rises and expands to fit into a mould. Polyurethane foam is one of the most multipurpose and versatile materials used in a variety of industries. Through our many years of experience, we have discovered that high-density polyurethane foam is an extremely suitable material for exterior applications as well as interior. It is highly recommended because of its light weight and ease of handling and installation, as well as its strength, low maintenance, and durability. Its waterproof qualities in addition to being moisture and shock resistant and the ability to fasten it to various finishes such as masonry, brick, stone, stucco make high density foam ideal for exterior use. We have also developed flexible HDPF which allows us to install our products on curved walls and around corners.

Glass Reinforced Fiber Gypsum (GRG) is the latest type of plaster used in the industry. It surpasses the use of traditional plaster castings because of its lighter weight, superior strength, and simple installation technique. It can be formed and shaped to any type of wall and ceiling as the architect or interior designer prefers – whether it be modern or traditional designs. The ability to recycle GRG plaster and the fact that it is produced in exact identical moulds and sized to suit makes the product acceptable for green build or LEED projects.

Cast Stone is a concrete masonry product simulating natural-cut stone and is used in architectural applications. We use cast stone for our fireplace mantels.

We can produce all of our designs in the material of your choice!

11. Can your product be cut and fabricated?

Yes, our products can be cut and fabricated to your needs.

Yes, we have developed a flexible foam material to this very need. Our flexible foam material is ideal for exterior use but can also be used for interior applications. We can manufacture any of our products using this flexible foam material.

No, our products will not melt under normal use conditions and are weather resistant.

Polyurethane products are made of closed cell structures which resist water absorption. This helps prevent our product from splitting, flaking, chopping or bloating.

Foam products are light weight and water resistant.

Our foam and polyurethane products can be installed in any temperature, hot or cold and in any kind of weather condition.

Artemis Studio has also worked on commercial projects such as banquet halls, churches and hotels. Our products can also be recognized at the Vaughan Mills Shopping Centre plaza.

We do not paint the products you purchase from us. This is because every customer has their own unique paint colour or finishing techniques to match their property. We can recommend stucco and paint contractors if you require their services. The polyurethane foam products you purchase from us are caulked, sanded, and sprayed with primer paint. Our plaster products come straight from the mould ready to be painted after they are installed.

You can finish our products with regular paint or stucco paint appropriate to your needs. Some products can even be professionally painted to appear like wood, stone, or granite. We are currently working on producing a stone-like finish specifically for our foam products – another revolutionary idea in the making!

Plaster products - We highly recommend professional installation services for plaster products as they are more difficult to cut and install. Please contact us to book an appointment with our in-house team of professional installers.

Foam products - polyurethane products are much easier to install given their light weight and durability. For single piece installation or smaller projects, please refer to our installation guide for instructions on how to adhere, fasten, and caulk your foam moulding products. In regards to larger projects, we recommend using your stucco or drywall contractor to install the product as they already have their scaffolding and equipment on-site and can provide you with a cheaper lump sump price.

19. Do you provide installation services?

Yes, we provide installation services in the Greater Toronto Area. We have an in-house team of professional installers who are familiar with our products and service standards.

Yes, we carry liability insurance. While our staff follow strict safety guidelines, you can rest assure that all our employees are fully covered and you will not be held liable for any injuries to our employees on your job site.

21. Are there any general tips about installing polyurethane products?

We recommend using noncorrosive fasteners along with polyurethane compatible adhesive. Ensure that the adhesive is placed on the back and at all decorative moulding joints prior to securing it on the wall.

Our columns are not load bearing and are strictly for decorative purposes.

However, our product can be placed around any existing structural column. The product is cut in half, installed around the existing column, and then finished to hide the seam. This process can be carried out for the base, column and the capital.

Yes, we have the ability to match your existing damaged products. We often encounter customers who have had their interior crown mouldings damaged (often by water leakage) or their cement-based exterior brackets and columns cracked and broken. In these situations, you can bring a reasonable sample of your product to our shop or send us a picture via email with the sizes and dimensions and we will examine and assess a good fit to your product. In the case that we do not carry your exact design and size, you will have the option of having your piece custom made. Please visit our shop for more information!

Generally crown moulding sizes can be determine based on the ceiling height and the room size. The rule is pretty simple – use an 8″ hypotenuse length for an 8 feet ceiling (this usually leaves about 5″ on the wall), a 9″ hypotenuse length for a 9 feet ceiling, and so on…We can provide built-up crown mouldings for higher ceilings for a maximum width of 14″.

In most cases, the keystone height dimension should be approximately 2-3″ larger than the trim height. In some cases where the trim is too small, simple keystones can be customized for the trim. The smallest keystone we carry is a 5″ height which generally fits into all applications.

We offer a wide variety of products to meet your design needs. While column size is a very personal decision, we suggest that the column diameter should match the height of the ceiling. The rule for choosing your round column and flat pilaster size is straight-forward. An 8 feet high ceiling will need an 8″ diameter column, cap, and base; a 9 feet high ceiling will need a 9″ diameter column, cap, and base; and so on….

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