Who we are

Our Philosophy

As the leader in our industry, we are committed to assisting our clients in adding style and elegance to their residential and commercial property by providing exquisite moulding products. With the right resources, facilities, and highly experienced staff, we are devoted to exceeding client satisfaction and delivering exceptional projects. We continuously strive to maintain our product integrity by working with the best artisans to handcraft every detail of our mouldings. Here at Artemis Studio, we believe in the blend of knowledge, expertise, and talent to create an exceptional team and build a distinct reputation in the moulding industry.

At Artemis Studio our mission is to provide our clients with the most suited mouldings for the application. It is our ability of developing innovative materials and pursuing new and emerging technologies that allows us to be the top manufacturers of our trade. Through dedication, we have mastered the combination of providing quality mouldings at the most reasonable prices, making your project affordable without sacrificing the quality. There is no greater way of adding value to your project, significantly increasing the resale value of the property. The high-quality plaster material used for interior mouldings truly adds a touch of elegance like no other, blending perfectly with gypsum interior drywall like no other material could. Plaster mouldings are the most customizable since each product is made in a mould. It can be painted any colour and have more intricate designs than any other material. Plaster adds the most elegance to a project than any other moulding material. Our high-density polyurethane mouldings for exterior can have intricate designs and rare details like no other. These foam mouldings, since they can be painted any colour and finished with any texture, can suite the exterior of all types of buildings and their various cladding materials. Unlike concrete, which can crack easily, foam mouldings are the toughest in all types of climates and can expand and shrink with changing weather patterns. We have, with definite purpose, chosen to produce the best material for each application to maintain the quality of our products through time for the best customer experience.

As a family business, we understand the value of complimenting your home with exquisite mouldings, a stunning stone fireplace, and resilient plaster columns to combine the comfort and luxury you have always imagined. We also have a deep appreciation for projects of large magnitude, driving us to craft extremely lightweight material that is so strong and flexible it will not crack or break under any weather conditions. The substance of our mouldings, in addition to the fine detailing can bring you closer to your dream project of a lavish banquet hall, classic hotel, or prestigious place of worship – you name it, we create it!

Our Story

Artemis Studio is a family owned business, designing and manufacturing exquisite mouldings since 1999. We currently hold office in the Greater Toronto Area and have had the pleasure of working with clients globally – distributing our products to Germany, Alberta, Quebec, New York, New Jersey, and Florida to name a few. We pride ourselves in manufacturing all our mouldings in-house to ensure value and authenticity – two qualities that have maintained and brought back our clients for years!

In recent years, Artemis Studio expanded our product line by introducing flexible high-density foam mouldings. Through extensive research and development, we created a material that can be twisted and bent to fit curved walls at various angles, without cracking! This flexible moulding can be cut, stained, painted, and installed as effortlessly as our foam mouldings, maintaining its profile simultaneously.

We can create any product from our interior and exterior moulding collection with flexible material – as long as we have the mould, we can produce it! Our innovative flexible mouldings are truly a ground-breaking product in the industry! We have also added the convenience of online shopping for our customer users. This way if you can’t access our shop and showrooms in person, we can always provide you with the most compelling shopping experience directly from the comfort of your own home. You can group your products together online and create a package of mouldings that work for you. Specifically, our high-density foam moulding products are light-weight and resilience, making it easy to ship worldwide. We strive to make it easier to design from anywhere and want to give you the creative power you desire. Our online shopping experience can give you the convenience, excellence, and low costs to complete your project. Throughout the years, Artemis Studio has proudly participated in several National Home Shows in Toronto, Canada at the Exhibition Place and the Las Vegas NAHB International Builders’ Show. Today, Artemis Studio is also thrilled to be the owner of a showroom store at Improve Canada Mall – Canada’s largest home improvement centre! This showroom is a permanent location, giving all-year access to our customers to visit us as we display our products and the services we offer.