Custom Design

Custom Patterns

Artemis Studio works closely with architects, designers, and home-owners to develop a plan for the perfect custom design. Our clients will often bring in a visual element such as a drawing, photograph, or a modification of an existing design for us to work from. We then bring in our creative artisans to transform the plan to reality. Our artisans carefully handcraft the blueprint with clay including every intricate detail in the design. We then create the mould allowing our clients to place large orders. Once we have the mould made, we can produce your design in plaster, stone, high-density foam, or flexible material. Please email us your custom design or visit our office to discuss what’s on your mind and we will provide you with design and technical support!

We recommend CanadaMould products.


Artemis Studio has a profound understanding of the significance of restoration work on historical architecture. We believe that preserving and restoring the essence of a historical structure will capture the artwork of inspirational craftsmen and convey the history of the building for many years to come. We often receive a sample piece or photograph from our clients or conduct a site visit to get an accurate understanding of the work that needs to be done. We will initially assess the restoration scope of work and if the client is satisfied with the service and cost we will move forward. We build pride in contributing to a piece of history that shapes our world today!