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Round Columns

 Columns; Round Base & Capitals

Foam products are made of high density Polyurethane for Interior or Exterior Ornamental Design. Our architectural Foam Capitals are Lightweight, Strong and easy to install.

For architectural purposes, columns are considered as decorative features of a building and may not necessarily carry any load.  Columns of many styles can be placed within the building, in addition to the exterior of the building.

Artemis Studio’s base and capitals, made of polyurethane foam, have highly defined profiles that are lightweight and durable. The remarkable light weight of the columns makes them perfect for construction purposes by allowing easy installation with just a few screws and readily available adhesives.

Artemis Studio columns  combine the beauty of  classical  architecture  and  supreme strength to provide valuable products. These products are also used for architectural purposes and are not intended for load-bearing construction.

Columns Capitals and bases are sized according to the column they belong to, see product page for more details on dimensions.

Column Diameter: 10" Corinthian
Column Diameter: 6" Ionic
Column Diameter: 8" Ionic
Column Diameter: 10" Ionic
Column Diameter: 12" Ionic
Column Diameter: 16" Ionic
Column Diameter: 10" Corinthian Doric Ionic
Corinthian Doric Ionic
Corinthian Doric Ionic