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Flat Pilasters

Pilasters can be simply the body (long, flat piece), or the body plus a capital (top) and base (bottom), depending on your budget and style. Pilasters come in a standard 8' length, while the capital and base vary in height. In order to adjust the height of your pilaster, you can cut the body down to size, or stack multiple bodies to get more height, but we don't recommend modifying the capitals and bases.

Capital and base sizes are referenced according to the width the pilaster they're design for, not the dimensions of the capitals and bases themselves.

Columns wouldn’t not look half as grand as they do if they didn’t have the crowning feature. Our collection has some very fine capitals for fluted pilaster columns. Among the ornamental ones, leaf is an important motif. Our workers also borrow heavily from the Corinthian style of capitals.

If you are looking from something which is a lot heavier on embellishment than usual, then the Corinthian flat pilaster capitals make an easy pick. If you are no fan of ornamental capitals, then go for our flat pilaster capitals. Both our flat pilaster crowns and bases are stackable, though we do not really recommend stacking.

The iconic capitals in our range are a little lighter, but not as plain as the flat ones. They suit the tone of contemporary architecture while the Corinthian flats make apt picks for buildings that reflect architectural grandeur.

The dimensions of all our fittings are customizable.