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Doric Columns

Traditional Islamic and European architectures throughout the whole wide world stand tall as symbols to the Doric order. This order is one of the most extensively studied of the stylings of its time. A forerunner of classical architecture, the Doric style of architectural engineering has made a comeback in the 21st century, after its revival in the Renaissance. Paying a tribute to the gifted Greek architects of the 18th and 19th century, Artemis Studio assembles a fascinating collection of Doric columns for the homeowners of this age. Currently a remarkable addition to public buildings, we are one of the proponents in the market to bring polyurethane models of Doric pillars for houses.

Artistic Minimalism

Unlike Corinthian columns, Doric columns are absent of exhibitory designs. The pillars you will find with us are simple, with an overall rounded structure. Currently our inventory hosts these columns of fluted and smooth shaft styles. A specific feature of these columns is that they do not have a base. The pillars emerge right out of the flat of the floor and before touching the ceiling meet with a capital which is as minimal in design as the rest of the pillar.

The smooth pillars often strike as interesting to homeowners who are tending to delicate ornamentation. Corinthian pillars are often a bold design statement. A recommendable option is the fluted Doric pillar. The channels of these pillars have smooth, rounded sides. The long stripes give the pillars an advantage of height which is greater than the measurements to the eye. Either style can add so much visual presentation to a project.

Doric Columns in Living Spaces

Doric pillars with their minimal capital detailing and no-base designs suit the architectural feel of a living space. Find some spectacular and very interesting pillars under this section in our gallery for indoor fitting. You can choose to use one or four pillars, depending upon the free space you have.

Our pillars are made of polyurethane material of industry standard. They are built to stand the agents of weather without losing the polish or paint. We customize the size and girth of our pillars to the needs of our clients and the décor of the architecture.

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