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Decorative Roman Columns

Though pillars in modern architecture are purely aesthetic additions, they still remain to be an important feature. In homes, in public buildings and commercial places, these pillars stand tall appearing to prop the weight of the giant roof on their slender built. In today’s times, exterior pillars have become a common sighting in homes outside entryways, in porches and porticos, in verandas, etc. The aesthetic potency of these pillars lie in the fact that they define a doorway as a destination.

Our collection of decorative Roman columns exhibits respect to the historical stylings with near-accurate replication in polyurethane. We present an interestingly diverse stock of roman pillars of all styles and shapes. Capital or no capital, ornamental or flat, just name it and we have it.

Our inventory has columns of the following styles:

  • Plain
  • Fluted
  • Thick
  • Tapered
  • Square
  • Rounded
  • Millwork

Quality and Value

At Artemis Studio we try to bring the best of both in our products. One thing we do not compromise on is the quality of our decorative Roman columns. We procure our fittings from near and far corners of the country. We are connected to a network of best-selling manufacturers all over the world. We only accept pillars, mouldings, trims and medallions made of the industry-quality polyurethane. All the products that make it to our inventory are thoroughly scrutinized for architectural flaws and aesthetic imperfections. Only those that pass through the close screening process are added to our stock for selling.

We price our products as minimally as possible. We believe a good relationship with the clients is more important than short-term profiting. This is why our price labels are always moderate. To make sure that customers with varying budget limits can afford our products, we maintain a wide price bracket. The entry-level decorative roman columns are always the least expensive while those at the higher end of the catalogue are slightly steep in price.

Made to Order

We have a team of in-house experts who customize every product to the specific needs of our customers. We ship orders within weeks of placement to ensure a timely delivery.