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The Varieties of Exterior Mouldings October 21, 2016 04:03

When it comes to variety, there are hundreds of moulding profiles for exterior use of both residential and commercial applications. When it comes to aesthetic performances, the crown and cornice varieties are popular choices. However, nothing can beat polyurethane exterior trims and mouldingwhen it comes to usefulness. What if you want aesthetics and usefulness? There are unlimited options for that too!

PU Mouldings as Exterior Fitments

These exterior trims can be cut into blocks, they can be drilled and screwed, painted and nailed just as you like. What passes an extra credit to these fittings is that they are impervious. Polyurethane mouldings are not vulnerable to bug infestations or agents of weather. Ergo, they do not decay or rot with exposure to seasonal cycles.

The Common Types of PU Mouldings

Though designers are at work fashioning new types of moulding every now and then, listed here are some of the hottest favourites at this point.

  • Crown and Cornice:

    These fitments are ornate in designs. They crown the meeting points of ceiling and walls.

  • Roofed:

    As is obvious from the name, these have a closed top and are seen mostly on window crests and parapet walls.

  • Vented:

    Vented mouldings are named because they facilitate ventilation through passage of air. They are attractive in design and are an improved version of soffit vents.

  • PVC:

    Both PU and PVC mouldings are popular because they are low-maintenance and heavy-duty. To top it off, they hold the largest collection of styles.

  • Dentil:

    This style relies on block repetition to conjure patterns. Both pitched and horizontal varieties are available in the market in dentil mouldings.

  • So how do polyurethane mouldings take all the beating of drilling and cutting without fragmenting? They are built with polyurethane that neither splits, or warps under tension. So, judging by all parameters, they make the finest choice of exterior trimmings.

    Artemis-studio@improve Mall June 27, 2016 15:50