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Wall Medallion



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Exterior Architectural Medallions

Add style to the exterior surfaces of your property, filling in plain spaces that scream for a decorative focal point.
They make fitting occupants to blank spaces while giving them a center and the exterior décor of the house an aesthetic leverage. We are one of the best-sellers of pre-finished exterior medallions for homes that instantly light up the otherwise plain and uninteresting visual of the architecture.
Architects and re-modelers who have been our clients for many years use our products to create special curb appeals without having to invest on extra elements. Our stylish medallions are like a new fancy pair of earrings that glamour up the face of the house the instant they are fitted.
Our medallions are handcrafted by ingenious craftsmen whose ultimate aim is to create harmony through the designs to give the homes a fine touch of elegance that was previously missing. We have medallions of both modern and traditional styles to fit homes of different character. 
The professionals in charge of developing our inventory are proudly pedantic. They are very specific about what they are looking for and thus, choose only the cream of the crop products to add to our range. They have an eye for details which reflects in our collection of <strong>exterior medallions for homes.
We keep products at both high and low ends of our range moderately priced.
Wall Medallion Pediment flowers are a traditional architectural component often placed above a recognized entryway. For modern applications, pediment flowers are often placed above entry doorways, windows, and parking garages. Medallions, in general, are architectural features used to create a focal point, or add detailing to large sections of empty wall space. Also referred to as "Pediments" or "Flowers". Our ornamental pediment flowers can especially be designed of high density polyurethane foam for exterior applications, and come primed so that they are ready to paint with any exterior grade masonry paint. These foam pediment flowers are made to last, and due to their light weight can be installed quickly and easily. Polyurethane foam pediment flowers can be installed using simple construction glue such as PL Premium, and additional fasteners for extra hold. These pediment flowers can also be made of plaster material for interior walls, especially for high ceiling empty walls that need a touch of texture. With the variety of styles and designs provided by Artemis Studio, our pediment flowers are guaranteed to add elegance to your home and allow it to stand out from your neighbours’ home. They are the essential finishing touch to a door or entryway.
The pediment flower was first used in classical Greek temples, during the renaissance era, and in neoclassical architecture. In modern design, it is used to make entrance ways more inviting with a touch of elegance. Adding pediment flowers can truly add value to your home and complete the finishing touches.
Artemis Studio moulding products are uniquely designed with intricate detail and a wide selection to fit all project types. Whether using high density polyurethane foam for exterior use or plaster for interior use, the great selection of products you see below can be suited to fit your needs. That’s why working with Artemis Studio will get you the best results on your project – combining the most superb material on the market, extensive experience and expertise, as well as a wide range of selection. These various types of moulding products will surely make a world of a difference in completing your design and adding value to your project like no other item can. Mouldings can make a space look so elegant and transform it by adding a refreshing touch. Mouldings are a must in a renovation project. Specifically, Artemis Studio moulding selection can be suited to meet all types of project’s needs and also painted and finished to match the surrounding surfaces. Get creative with your projects and add two or more types of moulding products to add charm to your space. The strength of our products is remarkable. Our moulding selection should not rot nor shrink or expand, nor will they warp. The no to low-maintenance quality of these products saves our customers time and money.