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Outdoor trim & Moulding

Crown & Frieze Moulding

Cornice mouldings are horizontal, decorative frames that crown along the top edge of buildings, rooms,  or furniture elements.  A well designed  cornice  moulding borders and complements the entire room and adds classical architectural elegance with the right size and style.

We are committed to providing our clients with valued products by offering various designs, using the finest material, experienced craftsmen, and outstanding artists. Each cornice is finished in one strong piece, whether it is basic or ornamented, and does not require any brackets or furring.

For  a  precise  and  professional look, it is important  to  select  the  right  cornice moulding that suits the area of application. Factors such as dimensions of the room, the height of ceiling, and even style and furnishings of the room are important in selecting the right cornice moulding for your needs.

A general rule in determining the moulding size based on ceiling height would be to choose a 4”x4” cornice moulding for an 8’ high wall; a 5-7”x5-7” cornice for a 9’ wall; or an 8”x8” cornice or larger for walls equal to or greater than 10’ in height.

Polyurethane foam mouldings are the most ideal and economical choice for exterior applications because of their simplicity in installation, light weight, and durability. The re-sale appreciation value of well-designed cornice mouldings has the ability to more than double the cost of the original product.

Modern architecture relies heavily on exterior upgrades, and keeping that in view, we have brought to you some very smart and stylish options. Our exterior trims and moulding are fashioned to add a handy touch to every home giving a certain character to the architecture and working up its aesthetics.

Our collection of exterior fittings can revive the architecture of old homes, bringing them back to life. We try to keep our collection as diverse as possible. Many professional home remodelers have tried our assemblage of exterior trims and moulding with transformative results on under-featured homes.

Whether it’s a new home or one from the last century, our fittings add a newfound feel and sense of vibrancy to them. Our products are lightweight and long-lasting. Made from quality polyurethane that lasts through generations, the products are artistically designed, but priced nominally to suit the pockets of all.

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