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Wall Medallions

Exterior Architectural Medallions add style to the exterior surfaces of your home, filling in otherwise unsightly plain spaces that scream for a decorative focal point.

They make fitting occupants to blank spaces while giving them a center and the exterior décor of the house an aesthetic leverage. We are one of the best-sellers of pre-finished exterior medallions for homes that instantly light up the otherwise plain and uninteresting visual of the architecture.

Architects and remodelers who have been our clients for many years use our products to create special curb appeals without having to invest on extra elements. Our stylish medallions are like a new fancy pair of earrings that glamor up the face of the house the instant they are fitted.

Our medallions are handcrafted by ingenious craftsmen whose ultimate aim is to create harmony through the designs to give the homes a fine touch of elegance that was previously missing. We have medallions of both modern and traditional styles to fit homes of different character. 

The professionals in charge of developing our inventory are proudly pedantic. They are very specific about what they are looking for and thus, choose only the cream of the crop products to add to our range. They have an eye for details which reflects in our collection of exterior medallions for homes.

We keep products at both high and low ends of our range moderately priced.