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Artemis Studio fireplace mantels are some of our most popular products. Fireplace mantels perfectly complement a room and bring together all the moulding products that are present in the space. Visit our showroom to view a wide range of fireplace mantels, as we keep adding more and more to the product list. Installing fireplace mantels is a great way for turning an ordinary living or dining room into an elegant and complete space, especially during those cozy family gatherings – a picture perfect, timeless moment. Depending on the style of space, whether you are looking for an elaborate Victorian design to complement a classical home or a chic modern design to complement the contemporary home, Artemis Studio has a great selection of fireplace mantels. In its original purpose, a fireplace mantel was known to be the hood of the chimney stack that projected over the fire grate to catch the smoke. Fireplaces originated during the medieval times. Through time, fireplace mantels have evolved to the decorative frame work bordering the fireplace and often includes intricate designs extending to the ceiling. Not only is a fireplace mantel pleasing to the eye, it can also provide for great shelf space for pictures, books, candles, and general design elements such as flowers that can complete the design of a room. In addition, a TV or exquisite piece of art can be hung above the fireplace mantel making it the focal point of a room. That’s why it’s even more important to spend a little extra time designing and fitting the best quality fireplace mantel in the space. A perfectly fitted fireplace mantel adds extremely high value to a space – specifically designed by the masterminds at Artemis Studio, who through extensive experience can guide you to the perfect fireplace mantel for your space. The fireplace mantels can be made to stick out from the wall, adding dimension to the room, or can be made flat to the wall. Measuring and installing a fireplace mantel is not an easy DIY project and requires highly skilled professionals to complete the project, and hence most of our customers keep returning to us to provide them with the best and most professional service. Prefabricated fireplace mantels can be found at general home improvement stores, however, by the time the fireplace mantel is cut to size and to fit your space and then installed, the minimal cost difference of having a customized and more extravagant fireplace mantel will be well worth your time, effort, and budget. A fireplace mantel is equivalent to a permanent piece of furniture so it’s best to leave it to the experts to ensure the perfection that is desired.

Artemis Studio moulding products are uniquely designed with intricate detail and a wide selection to fit all project types. Whether using high density polyurethane foam for exterior use or plaster for interior use, the great selection of products you see below can be suited to fit your needs. That’s why working with Artemis Studio will get you the best results on your project – combining the most superb material on the market, extensive experience and expertise, as well as a wide range of selection. These various types of moulding products will surely make a world of a difference in completing your design and adding value to your project like no other item can. Mouldings can make a space look so elegant and transform it by adding a refreshing touch. Mouldings are a must in a renovation project. Specifically, Artemis Studio