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Corinthian Capital Column

Today’s architectural style is richly influenced by the Corinthian order of architecture. One of the landmarks of the classical order of architecture, this order has presented the world with some of the finest specimen of columns and medallions that to this day remain inimitable. One feature of this Greeco-Roman style that has been included into modern architectural styling is the Corinthian column. We bring to you a copiously stocked inventory of Corinthian capital column that makes spectacular additions to modern buildings.

Specific Characteristics of Our Corinthian Capital Column

Our masons and craftsmen like to keep it original. So, even though the style and model of their work largely remain loyal to that in the Corinthian era, they do not cringe from introducing their own inputs for a touch of uniqueness in the fittings.

  • Our columns have fluted or grooved shafts
  • The capitals of our columns are ornamented with small volutes and scrolls that are lent from the Iconic Order.
  • Themes of acanthus flower and leaves also make a part of our designs.

The Architectural Boost that Refreshes Aesthetics

In older times, exterior columns had load-bearing functions. Basically the columns kept the roof from caving in. But that part is handled well by the devices of modern architecture. So, all you need to worry about is the decorative function. Our polyurethane Corinthian columns make a fitting addition to the space between the ceiling and the floor in the porch, veranda and portico.

To be able to present a likeable host of options for all, we create our catalogue with Corinthian capital columns of diverse styles and shapes. With us, you can order a plain column or a fluted one to reinforce the architectural styling of your house.

Our Corinthian capital columns are marked by historical accuracy, Iconic elegance and immaculate texture that make them believably identical with the real ones.

So, if you are planning flank your main entryway with two monolithic Corinthian columns on either sides, take a dive into our gallery to find choices, each one better than the last.

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