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Brackets & Corbels



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<p><strong>Wall Brackets</strong></p>
<p><strong>Artemis Studio</strong> brackets as perfectly made for ornamental design. Like the other products, the polyurethane foam brackets are perfect for exterior use and the plaster or stone brackets used for interior projects. Our architectural foam brackets are lightweight, strong and easy to install. Brackets are architectural members that corner a wall or furniture piece. They are often used to accent a window and add character to the plain trims around a window.  Brackets are designed in the shape of an upturned “L” such that one side is along a wall and the other side can be a projecting surface that forms a right angle to the wall, sometimes aligned with the ceiling above. Artemis Studio offers a wide range of shapes, sizes and designs for all types of spaces. Our brackets can be quite large for outdoor distances quite far from eye sight, or they can be small and simple for interior, modern designs. Some brackets are long and thin, while others project far from the wall for an extravagant look.</p>
<p>Often brackets can be used as a structural member to support load such as a wall, balcony, parapet, eave, etc. It is important to note <strong>Artemis Studio</strong> brackets are for design only and cannot be used as the main structural element. However, it is possible to wrap a small structural bracket with an ornamental design as found in the products below. This will make structural brackets look more aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Our no maintenance brackets can save you time in installation and money as they will not rot or shrink, nor will they warp over time. Don’t forget, we can create a custom bracket if you require one to fit your specific needs!</p>
<p><strong>Artemis Studio</strong> moulding products are uniquely designed with intricate detail and a wide selection to fit all project types. Whether using high density polyurethane foam for exterior use or plaster for interior use, the great selection of products you see below can be suited to fit your needs. That’s why working with <strong>Artemis Studio</strong> will get you the best results on your project – combining the most superb material on the market, extensive experience and expertise, as well as a wide range of selection. These various types of moulding products will surely make a world of a difference in completing your design and adding value to your project like no other item can. Mouldings can make a space look so elegant and transform it by adding a refreshing touch. Mouldings are a must in a renovation project. Specifically, <strong>Artemis Studio</strong> moulding selection can be suited to meet all types of project’s needs and also painted and finished to match the surrounding surfaces. Get creative with your projects and add two or more types of moulding products to add charm to your space. The strength of our products is remarkable. Our moulding selection should not rot nor shrink or expand, nor will they warp. The no to low-maintenance quality of these products saves our customers time and money – both very critical during a project</p>
<p><strong>Exterior Corbels</strong></p>
<p>ARTEMIS STUDIO Decorative Polyurethane Corbels are made of high density Polyurethane for Interior or Exterior Ornamental Design. Our architectural Foam corbels are Lightweight, Strong and easy to install.</p>
<p>Corbels are architectural members that corner a wall or furniture piece. Corbels are designed in the shape of an upturned “L” such that one side is along a wall and the other side is a projecting surface that forms a right angle to the wall.</p>
<p>Corbels manufactured by Artemis Studio are used as ornamental pieces. They can be used for interior and exterior purposes and are ideal for enhancing windows.</p>